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The more I listen to Le Youth, the more I find myself digging his tunes.  His disco-influenced mid-tempo house with the throwback '90s R&B flair isn't necessarily a new concept, but his spin on it kind of is.  A perfect example is this video for his new single "Dance With Me" featuring recent DJ Fresh and Diplo collaborator Dominique Young Unique.  This summery splash of disco on the instrumental is laced with hip-hop vocal chop techniques, including chopping up Jermaine Dupri's voice for the hook.  Add in the straight up rap verse from your aforementioned featured guest and you've got an interesting genre pollination that's not easy to pull off.  Le Youth keeps it tight though and provides a fresh take on what's possible in the world of midtempo disco and house.  The video isn't too hard on the eyes either.  "Dance With Me" is out everywhere on February 9.