The Grammys this year proved to be an awards ceremony chock full of the EDMs, which is music to our android ears. Yes. Robots have ears. And yes. Androids do dance. We at DAD can attest to these facts.

This Wednesday we are dancing to this club/trap version of Katy Perry and Juicy J, coming at us from Chi-town's Gianni Blu. You may remember his name from my writeup on another Chicago native, Willy Joy, and his remix of Blu's original production, "Crazy," an all around display of Chicago's finest music talents. Something to learn in this industry though, something Gianni Blu seems to have picked up on, is it isn't always about the town that you're from. You have to step outside your box, so to speak, if you wanna make an impact. It is go big or go home.

He went big on this one. Grammy awards big. Katy Perry big.

Remixing a very relevant song that was performed at the awards show this past Sunday. Did you hear the trap drop in her performance of "Dark Horse?" A song that has been remixed quite a few times in the electronic music world, which is not surprising, as Katy Perry's songs have something very remixable about them. Like I said though, the trap drop live at the Grammys was something a little off-putting. Not in a bad way. More like a go 'head Katy. (In other related news, go 'head Vin Diesel.)

Gianni Blu's version is a fresh new take on a song we have heard a million times, and seems fitting for this hump day in the week following a big night for electronic music.