If you aren't familiar with Johnny Rain, he's a singer / rapper living in Beverly Hills that has released two massive indie EPs in the past year. Similar to The Weeknd, his buzz is coming from his crooning over records that have an emotional vibe and electronic elements that have been given out to the public for free. Brighton buddies OZZIE and Hucci linked up to offer a free download of a remix of Johnny Rain's "iii," a bit of a deeper cut that came out last spring. It's been given a trap makeover, adding thumping kicks and trap hats that turn it into more of a pop record. It's available for free download on OZZIE's Facebook page, but you can stream below:

And just a heads up, this isn't Ozzie's first time having his hands on a Johnny Rain remix either. He manhandled a remix of Mulholland Drive last summer that is absolutely gorgeous.  There's a download link in the description if this one suits your fancy.