Since we featured her a few months back, Jessie Andrews, the porn-starlet and American Apparel model-turned-DJ, has been enjoying continued success in what seems like all of her pursuits. She's followed up her previous single (a banging disco track called "I Never Knew") with the drastically different and more mellow, "You Won't Forget Tonight," a slowed-down sexy house jam co-produced by newcomer Comets We Fall that just oozes summer heat and charisma.

The sneaky surprise about this track is how little any of us have yet heard from Andrews or Comets We Fall (who have just one other track on their SundCloud). I've had this one going on repeat for the better half of the evening and I find myself stunned that I've not heard from these two outfits earlier. Andrews did confirm to us in her video interview that she worked on "I Never Knew" with an unnamed "producer-engineer," but with "You Won't Forget Tonight," I can say Comets We Fall is a name we've never really heard of. Whatever it is that's fueling it, "You Won't Forget Tonight" is a worthwhile and well-produced follow-up effort from Andrews and Comets that has us looking forward for what each of them have in store.