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I know I cover a lot of club bangers and peak time material here for DAD, but trust that the majority of the time I'm listening to music out of pleasure, it's on the chill and lush tip.  It always improves my mood, makes me think introspectively and generally help me be at peace with life.  Jerome LOL is someone that I've been using to aid these feels a ton basically since the "final" LOL Boys release. "Changes" was one of the coolest records I heard in all of 2012 and the co-conspirator of Body High has been steadily dropping some edits and tunes via his SoundCloud since the split.  And now we get a preview and formal announcement of his debut solo EP, Deleted/Fool, dropping February 4 via Friends of Friends.  I can't even front though.  This tune is absolutely gorgeous with the angelic vocals from Angelina Lucero and vibes from Jerome that only he seems to have. Such a classic feel but sounds super relevant and very much today.  This is essentially what I think bliss feels like.