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This came out late last week, and I've rinsed it several times over the weekend. A proper weekday post was in order, for it's a ferocious release by someone that's been pigeonholed as simply a hip-hop producer. Sure, it's essentially a hip-hop record with trap vibes, and it's absolutely nuts, but it all fits in with the electronic trap sounds that we're hearing from guys like Hucci and BeazyTymes.

Getting right to the point with his production, !llmind sticks to the 808 soundscape like glue, and created a stack of anthems that capture the gritty New York vibe that he's entrenched in. This takes everything about trap music that we love and builds around the foundation. No lasers, no crazy transitions, and nothing more than deep and dark vibes. There's a download link in the description as well, which is nothing short of a win.