We'll say this until the end of time; the collaboration between EDM producers and rappers make us swoon.  Our editor-in-chief flexed his musical knowledge with his favorite rap and EDM collaborations back in October, and our entire staff gets giddy when these opposing worlds collide.  Organic releases like this are good for business, and good for the art.

And before you scratch your head at this pairing, keep in mind that Iggy Azalea's Trap Gold was produced by Diplo, FKi, DJA, and Heroes x Villains (though Wikipedia incorrectly describes this project as being "produced entirely by Diplo and FKi").  She was also featured on "Beat Down," which was produced by Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas. She's no stranger to these dance sounds, and this collaboration should be no surprise at all.

This record is crazy though.  Unconventional production from Bro Safari (which seems to be "Bird Brain" from Bro Safari & UFO!'s Animal LP) leads syncopated vocals from Iggy that are drenched in her signature swag.  There's no hook, and half of the record is instrumental.  Though this feels incomplete as a rap record, the open beat at the end is perfect for DJ sets.  Iggy claims more tunes with Bro Safari and UFO! are forthcoming as well, and we're souped to put our ears to them.