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The great SoundCloud being down malarky really put people in a foul mood, including us; one of the few joys I get in my old age is sharing quality beats with you androids. I got this mix from Hostage yesterday, his first studio mix of the new year, but anytime I tried to get it on the site, SoundCloud would crap out. Hopefully we're over that hump today, and you can enjoy what Hostage has laid down. Dude dropped one of these a month in 2013, and they personally helped me through some rough downtime throughout the year. With such an emphasis today on the bass-heavy house sound, especially coming from across the Atlantic, it's great to hear Hostage turn everything all the way up in terms of the multitude of quality house beats impacting the scene on the regular. This is chock full of "exclusive rarities and mostly bangers," but we don't have a tracklist, so deal. I've threatened to shave off Hostage's beard, so hopefully we get our own exclusive mix from the nutter at some point this year.