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While wandering through the jungles of SoundCloud, I came upon DJ Edgar's page. If you were around during the great baile funk craze of the mid 2000s, then you might remember him. He's a more than 20-year veteran of the scene as both a producer and DJ, had an EP as part of the Baile Funk Masters series on the legendary Man Recordings, as well as contributed tracks to MCs like Zuzuka Poderosa. Anyway, enough biography, the reason this is interesting to you is that he has put six fire tracks up on SoundCloud in the last month. If you were as hungry to stock up on some hot new favela booty beats as we were then this is your moment. The best part is these have a decent mixdown which, if you mess with baile funk on the regular, you know is not always the case. Dig in my friends.