I prefer posting tunes that fans can somehow get their hands on.  Whether it's for sale or download, I'm a firm believer that part of this game is sharing and enjoying these beats.  But most of the records that 50 Carrot produces aren't available for public consumption at all.  Most aren't full versions, as a matter of fact.  He's making nothing but massive tunes, and doesn't seem to want anyone to have them.  I heard a new preview of a record he produced called "Nark" and shook my head in disbelief.

This was a reminder for me to take a peek at his older catalog in an effort to pull a half dozen downloadable tunes.  We have five of his older records linked below, and they're all up for free download.  You can also head over to his Facebook page and snag the half dozen records he gave up over the holidays to celebrate hitting 25,000 likes, but be warned: He used this exact link to push a record called "Brat Pack," and that's no longer up for download.  You should snag 'em while you can.