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So. Much. Music.

I try not to take for granted the access to music we have been afforded by modern day technology. With the exception of publicly humiliating and cursing out soundcloud when it breaks which is all the time, I do cherish having all of this music at my fingertips. It can certainly be overwhelming at times, especially with the work we do here at DAD, but I'm getting used to settling the panic that ensues when Grandtheft releases two free downloads within hours of each other.

Time management isn't my strongest suit, and sometimes I have to take my time listening to a track and then writing it up. I take my responsibility as a music journalist very seriously. I must protect readers from all the fake bullshit being put out there. In today's industry, we don't even know who is real or fake anymore. Well, we do sometimes. Like before you do. Sometimes we just can't tell you yet.

Moot point for this particular article, because Grandtheft keeps it 100 no matter what. Early this morning, we came across, "Hear This Fire," an edit that mashes "Hear This," a collaboration between Grandtheft and Deejay Theory, with Disclosure's "When a Fire Starts to Burn." The formula is pretty flawless, the Theory and Grandtheft track has welcoming vocals backed by a whacky counted beat that pulls you in. Maybe you even start moving your hips, let your eyes close a little. The music leads you right into the Disclosure track which builds into a drop. The grand finale is just a little bit of everything packed into the end of this edit, definitely deserving of VIP status.

On to the next one. Another mashup edit that combines the sound of UK's Redlight and king of Jersey club, DJ Sliink. "Basscone Vibrate," is the result, and it is as sexy as the title infers. Big up to Grandtheft for putting in such hard work on these tracks, and giving them to us for free this Monday morning.