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Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin aka SwaggleRock are hibernating in the polar vortex that has been a particularly harsh winter thus far. Some of the DAD staff writers are also holed up in our homes, plotting ways to make it to warmer climates for good. I'd like to throw my middle finger up to readers round the world in warmer clients flexing on social media re: your sun and your palm trees.

California dreaming, much? SwaggleRock is for sure.

Warm up by the fire of their newest track, "Next Hellifornia." This west coast edit packs the heat of the California sun into the fury and screams of hell. They rearranged Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg's "Next Episode," and mashed it with a track from Gessafelstein's Aleph entitled "Hellifornia."

As they said on Soundcloud, "It's cold AF here and we need a break from the snow to go DJ. Big up." I feel them on this, and the new track. It is playful and makes you laugh, and I respect their ability to be playful without becoming a joke.

Their music is seriously making an impact, and "Next Hellifornia" bounces like the vehicles in the hoods Dre refers to in his verse. Into the dreams of this duo DJing in Cali, escaped from the frozen tundra of Buffalo, NY. This track is a ride with Nate Dogg, straight from heaven to the driver's seat of some pimped out ride, raised too high on spinning rims and hydraulics. Sky high, floating in a bed of the fluffiest clouds.

Let's get higher. The track isn't timed at exactly 4:20 for nothing. This is the type of chillin we can all get down with.