Mixtape: CB4
Producer: Harry Fraud

Songs like French Montana's "88 Coupes" are proof that French's current position as one of the only New York rappers with national buzz is no fluke—at his best, he perfectly melds an east coast street sound with an off-kilter pop sensibility.

Over a lush, autumnal Harry Fraud beat, French displays his trademark singsongy stop-start flow and clever lyrics ("My niggas war ready—gift and the curse/Next step be the worst/Next coupe be a hearse"). His ongoing collaborative relationship with Harry Fraud consistently brings out the best in both of them (see also: "I Think I Love Her," "Shot Caller," "Ya Mean," etc.), and "88 Coupes" is no exception. The slurred laziness of French’s delivery here works in tandem with the production, lending the song a hazy feel.

Guest-star Jadakiss always excels on production that compliments his gritty voice, and here he delivers one of his more memorable verses in a while. “Gettin’ that cake, it causes friction/The love turn the hate to addiction—Montega, Perico, prescriptions” is classic Jada.

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