Earlier today, Kennedy Jones delighted the DAD staff when he dipped back into 1984 and revived Debbie Deb's classic freestyle jam "Lookout Weekend." What's "freestyle," you might be asking. Freestyle was also known as "Latin freestyle" or "Latin hip-hop" for a time, and was built off the growing electro scene of the early 1980s, although freestyle's known specifically for the pop leanings that are exhibited throughout its music. How pop? From 1987 through the early 1990s, freestyle crept into the Billboard charts, getting hits on the Top 40, Hot 100, and U.S. Dance charts. At times it could be corny (as much of the pop scene was in the '80s and '90s), but that was a part of its charm, and if you were in the city and trying to get your dance on, any freestyle night would do.

This scene didn't pop everywhere, though; it seemed to be concentrated in New York City, spots in Jersey and Philly, Miami, and in communities in California. We have a feeling many of today's EDM fan isn't that versed in the freestyle scene, so why not give you androids a primer, highlighting the different sounds of freestyle music from a decade of it's existence.

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