At 7 p.m. on Thursday night, New York City registered at a bitter, 35 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel well below what the actual temperature was. Despite the freezing temperatures and the darkness coming over Manhattan, six people were already gathered on one side of a barricade set up by NBC in anticipation of stand-by tickets for this week's taping of Saturday Night Live

With Drake listed as both host and performer of the night (a responsibility only those such as Elton John, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake have had in the past), the expectations for the night are high. Drake's acting chops will be put to the test, and after a successful 2013, it's no question that his performance is highly anticipated. 

Sitting up against the barricades were three young ladies named Angie (23), Laura (18) and Laura's sister Stephanie (27) wrapped in sleeping bags and every winter accessory imaginable. The three faced the New York City winter with stride. They all traveled over at least 1200 miles for the chance to get SNL tickets. Between their completely covered faces, Laura's fluorescent pink hair, and Stephanie's sweet potato sleeping bag you might think they're nuts for coming this far. Meet The Girls Who Traveled Over 1,200 Miles To Camp Out For Drake at SNL.

Interview by Elva Aguilar (@Cheverella_)

Where are you guys from?
Angie: I’m from Miami. I moved here on Tuesday and it just so happens [Drake]’s here this weekend, so I’m taking advantage.
Laura: I flew in from Houston, TX, specifically for SNL. [Flying from] Houston to New York takes a little bit under three hours. We’re sisters (pointing at Stephanie). She flew in from Dallas.
Stephanie: I flew from Dallas to St. Louis and I had a two hour layover, and then from St. Louis from New York was a little bit over two hours. So I pretty much went to the airport at 6 a.m. and we got here at 5 p.m., and came straight here from LaGuardia. 

What do you guys do?
Laura: I'm currently a freshman at the University of Houston downtown.
Stephanie: I work in advertising. I have a legit job.
Angie: I've always wanted to live here and my friend works at a restaurant, so she got me a hosting job. I'm trying it out Saturday and I got an internship, too. That's the other thing, I told her, 'If I get tickets to this I probably won't start Saturday.' She's done this before so she understands. She camped out for Justin Timberlake and she took a picture with him while she was in line.

The first time she was in line, Drake was the performer and she was number 30-something and didn't get in. When she came for Justin there were less than 30 people here. She told me, 'If you get there and there are more than 25 people there, don't bother. You're not getting in. It's not worth it.'

You guys flew out here just for SNL?
Laura: Yeah!
Stephanie: And to visit the city [Laughs.]

How did you pay for the tickets?
Laura: I had mileage, so it was only $80 because I had 25,000 miles. I fly a lot to New York, Baltimore, and to Honduras.
Stephanie: I bought mine last Friday and it cost $300. Pretty good deal.

Where are you guys staying?
Laura: We get two free nights on the sidewalk. 
Stephanie: We're staying right here. We have a hotel for Saturday and Sunday, though.


You know why I like him? 'The square root of 69 is eight-something.' When I heard that lyric, I was like, 'Damn. [Sigh.] Wordplay.' - Laura


How big of a Drake fan would you consider yourself?
Angie: I’m a huge Drake fan. I’m wearing his [OVO] sweater right now. I’ve seen him during Would You Like A Tour, [Club Paradise] tour twice, once in Miami, once in Tallahassee, and that first concert he performed in Miami with Lil Wayne when he never showed up—I only bought tickets just to see him.
Laura: You know why I like him? 'The square root of 69 is eight-something,' that's why I love Drake. That's the reason I fell in love with him. When I heard that lyric, I was like, 'Damn. [Sigh.] Wordplay.'
Stephanie: Calm down.

What're you guys doing for food for the weekend?
Angie: I bought some pistachios so hopefully that lasts. [Laura and Stephanie] bought me chocolate.

You know, the way stand-by tickets work for SNL, you either get to attend the rehearsal or the live taping, would you be pissed if you had to miss the live show?
All of them: Nope. 
Laura: As long as we get to see Drake. [Purrs.]

Are you guys rap fans or is Drake the exception?
Angie: I like rap.
Stephanie: Yeah, I like hip-hop. Honestly, I'm not that big of a Drake fan. I like his songs. I like his music. Here's what I'm telling people: I'm young. Like he says, 'Y.O.L.O.,' I'm doing something that most people wouldn't do. If anything, I'm doing it more for the experience than Drake.
Laura: No. Not at all. Drake and Eminem are the only exceptions for me. I listen to a lot of indie rock. A lot of that stuff you hear nowhere on the radio because nobody wants to go anywhere near it.

What would you guys do if Drake were to come out here before the show?
Laura: I would definitely say, 'Wheelchair Jimmy! Is that you?' I would probably say that and then start crying and then ask him to hold me.

If you had ten minutes with Drake, what would you do?
Laura: This just turned really sexual.

Don't be shy.
Laura: I would ask him to hear me sing and see what he thinks.
Angie: I would take and send a lot of Snaphats.

(Left to right) Angie, Laura, and Stephanie camped out on Thursday night for a chance to watch Drake host and perform on SNL this weekend.

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