We're in the tail-end of cuffing season, and it's not getting any warmer out. We're also coming upon one of the more important holidays for lovers: Valentine's Day. The thing is, for the EDM-loving youngsters like Dariu5 Deadmau5, unless you're making your own Valentine's Day cards, you can't just roll out to Wal-mart and cop Valentine's cards with your favorite DJs and producers on them. Living in the DIY Internets age changes things around, and this Twitter account we got introduced to this week is next level: @EDMVaIentine.

No longer does one have to worry about what to get that shorty who loves Daft Punk; show her how quickly your "Instant Crush" on her developed with the right card. They have ones with a number of today's EDM stars, including Krewella, Armin Van Buuren, Cirez D, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and many more, and while some are a bit more "adult" in nature (loads of references to giving someone "the D"), you can find cards for all ages on that account, and even submit your own to edmvdaycards@gmail.com.