Footwork got a proper push in 2013, and we're hoping that 2014 finds the scene getting an even bigger shove. Best way to do that is put the sound on front street, and with TEKLIFE's DJ Tre stepping up for the Fenomena podcast, we're in for a real treat. His 30-minute mix features a number of his own productions alongside material from DJ Earl and DJ Rashad, which is about what we need right at this moment.


1. DJ Tre- Tha Game Changer
2. DJ Earl- Been ah Long Time
3. DJ Earl & Heavee- Liquid Chill
4. DJ Rashad- Brighter Dayz Teklife Edit
5. DJ Rashad & Spinn- Double Cup
6. DJ Tre- You've upset Em'
7. DJ Rashad & Spinn- Baby Let Me Tell Ya'
8. DJ Tre- DnB Funk !
9. DJ Rashad- Slip Away
10. DJ Tre- Dub Mode
11. DJ Rashad Feat.Heavee- It's Wack
12. DJ Tre- It's Da O.D.B. Kid (RIP)
13. DJ Tre & Tony MoonDoctor- The Colab Track
14. DJ Tre- My 911 Call
15. DJ Tre- DNB Spaceout
16. DJ Tre- Goin H.A.M
17. DJ Rashad- Point Em Out' ("It's some Hoes in dis bitch")
18. DJ Tre- Six Million Ways

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