This song appeared on my SoundCloud feed and I skipped it because the cover looked like a deal breaker (note to producers, an ugly ass cover will not help your music get heard). Later in the day, Nappy leaned over my cubicle wall here at Do Androids Dance. I thought he was gonna complain that I stole his sandwich out of the break room fridge (which I had), but instead he told me to take a look at this track again. I put it on and was blown away by the inventiveness of it. I often come across tracks that are tagged with multiple genres and most of the time this is misdirection on the part of the person posting it. They are trying to essentially trick as many people as possible to listen to it so they can get tons of plays and then open for Kill The Noise next time he rolls through town. In this case all the tags were accurate. This really does incorporate twerk, hip-hop, and gabber. I love the second half of this; it makes me think of the GZA's "Liquid Swords" instrumental.