I've heard a rumors that DJ Snake wasn't actually producing the records that he's been putting out for the past year, but until factual information is handed to me, my hands are tied.  He isn't the first that we have had industry insiders alert us to, and he won't be the last.  But a tune that we covered today got handed back to me, and it was produced by someone else completely, an artist from Seattle by the name of Breaux.

After the Juke Ellington debacle last year, people are quick to hand us tunes that might have been stolen.  Listen to both of these tunes back to back, and decide for yourself. The sequencing is exactly the same, and less some minor changes and added drums, these sound like the same exact record that was somehow produced by two different people.  Even the vocal samples land in the same place.

Breaux Remix:

Snake Remix: