Best news I heard today? Has to be the fact that Freshmoon's putting out a new compilation album, WTF!, on March 4. It seems as if MoonDoctoR and FreshtillDef is dropping a project rich with collaborations; the DJ Rashad collab, "Angel Dust," is what you can hear below, and it's a piece of juke heaven. With so much throwback influence in their music, cuts like this make sense, but it really feels like the best of the more ambient/atmospheric bits from Aphex Twin siphoned into a juke/footwork vein. Shit knocks, and will be on repeat for most of today. Hoping we can hear more from this in the very near future.

And if you wanted to hear more from MoonDoctoR, grab his free LP, Nodical. Not because DAD exclusively dropped it; because it's just that damn good.