Dirtybird has always kept up with the appearances of being a no-frills, rowdy group of fun-loving house and techno heads because, honestly, it's what they are. I became a fan of the label a few years back when I went to their Detroit Movement 2012 afterparty, housed in the Leland City Club, a goth-themed warehouse venue. Within thirty seconds of entering the party, I almost literally ran into Claude VonStroke, stood in a small gaggle of friends near the entrance. A steady stream of inebriated ravers introduced themselves to him (myself included) and he couldn't have been more patient as he greeted and listened to each one. Dude was out front essentially greeting people at his own label's Detroit bash.

With this story as my basis and literal first impression for Dirtybird, their announcement of a barbeque-themed compilation and tour just makes perfect sense. Dance music is about as social of a concept as you can get, and instead of reinventing it in fancy clubs or with a new sound, the Dirtybird crew seems content just to reel it back in a little. Their yearly compilation has become a staple of the San Francisco-based label, a showcase of what VonStroke and company have been feeling in the world of bass-heavy, often hip-hop-infused house and techno. This year's release features a number of bangers we've heard floating around Dirtybird sets for a grip, including the jaw-dropper "Buggin,'" Justin Martin's flip of A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out," which premiered on the Diplo & Friends show back in August of 2012Glad they finally cleared that sample.

In addition to the compilation, plans have also been announced to take the Dirtybird BBQ on tour. There are no dates or locations (aside from Miami) locked in yet, but VonStroke himself confirmed via press release that there will be dates across both North America and Europe.

Peep the compilation's preview below — it's a grand teaser. Dirtybird BBQ drops on CD, vinyl, and the Internet on February 25.