We love Dillon Francis.  He's one of the nicest people in this industry, and seeing him legitimately upset isn't a normal occurrence.  But he certainly wasn't happy on Holy Ship, after a female on stage apparently spilled an alcoholic beverage on his laptop. inthemix posted video of the aftermath where his computer was non-responsive, and his mini-temper tantrum after he realized that he was done playing for the night:

inthemix also let us know that the computer in question ended up being fine.  I'm not sure why touring DJs don't keep a flash drive handy to plug into CDJs in case their hardware fails, but what do I know?  Flosstradamus actually keeps an extra computer next to the stage just in case, and Dillon might learn a thing from them. Maybe he can back his Serato crates up to one of his extra laptops so he doesn't have to walk off stage next time?