Considering that has been active since late December, this news isn't necessarily surprising, news that deadmau5 has laid his SoundCloud account to rest does a couple of things for fans of his music. First, it forces you to be a real fan and sign up for his website, which is where all of this music (and more) can be heard. Secondly, it means that, unless people start heavily bootlegging his material (or he sets up some kind of mau5player that can be embedded on these Internets), the only time non-"real fans" will be hearing his new material (like that album he recently announced was done) is when clips are made available on purchase sites like Beatport or iTunes. It's an interesting shift. Can't say we're mad at it, and for deadmau5, it means that if you want to get the skinny on what his new music sounds like, you need to hit the site.

(EDM Sauce)