Well, we imagine he is. Earlier this month, deadmau5 swore off playing for "rich kids" after a particularly frustrating gig at Mansion in Miami. While Club Space tried to make amends (or get some viral hits) from their open letter to deadmau5 about playing a free show, it looks like whatever negotiations have finally sorted themselves out.


See, some have mentioned that deadmau5 announced that he will be playing a free show in Miami on February 15... but if you check out the tweets up above, his frustration about the information getting out before he could approve the artwork definitely upset him. Regardless, the information does seem to be real: a free show will be going down at the Ice Palace in Miami on February 15 for a 21+ event. The registration for these tickets will be going down on January 28 at 1PM EST via icepalace.wantickets.com.

fuckit. here: pic.twitter.com/Hn1V1E3TeU

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) January 28, 2014