Infuze is a dude we championed in 2013 a number of times and lucky for you, he's already dropping dime pieces in the new year.  Stepping out all intense-like is this remix for David Heartbreak's "Acid Youths" here with the added trippy effects and chops to the sped up vocals, severe breakneck percussion, and synth work that will set your eardrums on fire if you're not careful.  Serious raved out jump-up flavored bizness on this mix that just continues the trend of DAD being super excited about his output.  If you were paying attention, it dropped recently on OWSLA's Nest IV and now Infuze is giving out for free.  Scoop it up ASAP and get locked in if you haven't already.  Infuze is promising a bunch more tasty goodies in the very near future.