There's only one "surefire bet for stardom" story worth watching on the indie-to-mainstream underground, DC-to-LA band Misun. If you think you know Nacey, and just remember him as a solid producer on the rise, then look again. Now, in Misun, see him holding a lead guitar, while being flanked by (fellow DJ and) bassist William Devon, drummer Jon Jester, and being buoyed by the effervescent and intriguing vocal stylings of the band's lead singer Misun Wojcik. Since 2012, the band has been on an organic, yet steady rise guided by being a band that's less about the jangle and more about finding the most unique of dance worthy grooves. An EP for T&A Records gained them the genre classification of "aquawave," and since that point, it's gotten infinitely catchier and a whole lot more weird. February 18 sees them release a 7" single for via B3SCI Records for ""Travel With Me" and "Sleep." Similar to Mexican tribal guarachero-flavored single "Hills and Trails" or moombahton-tinged single "Goodbye Sasha," "Travel With Me's" baile funk flavor expands the notion of what makes a hit pop song. Produced in LA by Nacey with the production and engineering savvy of go-to Mad Decent hitmaker Derek "DJA" Allen, it's not just something different, but it's yet another special moment in the career of an "it" band on the rise.