I'll keep it 100 with you: I'm off-and-on watching The Grammys tonight because I have to see how often Daft Punk is featured on national TV (plus, I can't wait to see their performance). In surveying these Internets, especially during Daft Punk's Best Pop Duo/Group Performance win, it was interesting to see that so many Internets were hitting our Daft Punk unmasked post. Is the mystery of what Daft Punk looks like behind the masks still a thing? Judging by what we saw on Twitter, it must be.

See, we live this dance music life on the regular, and even though many mainstream outlets would lead you to believe that dance music is taking over, there is a grip of the music-loving community that knows nothing about even the biggest acts. Right now, Daft Punk is on a roll, and they've been wearing their signature masks/helmets since 2001 (circa Discovery), but we guess 13 years isn't long enough for America to realize that this is Daft Punk's gimmick. Maybe after tonight, with Daft Punk merking just about every category they're nominated in, people will learn. We highly doubt it, but an android can dream...

Although with rumors of Daft Punk performing in Empire Strikes Back-era Stormtrooper helmets during their performance, these people might be even MORE confused.