You ready to turn up? Nah, fuck that - you ready to get PSYCH'D?! If so, you've hit the right mix. HI$TO, who represents Baltimore by way of Texas, has dropped off his WAY TOO PSYCH'D OUT mix for our series, featuring the self-proclaimed "yung intergalactic goon" dropping off a mix that's chock full of his take on trap, Bmore, and much, much more. That "intergalactic goon" plug is actually perfect for HI$TO if you've heard his music; he weaves a brand of dance music that sounds like it was crafted by some hood ass alien. Lil Rrrafrik from Sector Zero or some shit. Speaking of Sector Zero, HI$TO has dropped a massive 70-track HI$TO ESSENTIALS (2009-2013), which features original tracks, remixes, works-in-progress, and more for $30. That price is good until the end of January, where it then goes up to $50. If you fuck with what you heard in the mix, you should think about grabbing that. Also, if you're in Bmore, here's what you can expect from his PSYCH'D night, which recently debuted and featured Blaqstarr as a headliner. No tracklist, but you don't need one; just bend elbows, close eyes, and get wild. You're welcome.

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