Philly is just dirty as fuck, has been for quite some time. Lucky for us, it's what the people want these days. I'm not gonna waste my breath on a history lesson here. Motherfuckers never loved us, and we stay on our worst behavior to spite everyone. It is unappealing to the rest of the world, I know. We just don't give a fuck or shit. Especially when there's something to flex about. My homies at Jump Up brought you Victor Niglio once upon a time. New year, new artist. If you don't know Alexander Cosenza by now though, allow him to reintroduce himself. Not with words of course, but with the universal language that is dance music. He speaks it fluently and eloquently.

The first installment of Cosenza's Fucking Awesome mix series is a live set recorded in this city we all love to hate. Go on, hate. It only makes our muscles bigger, keeps us flexing. But maybe you should put down that pitcher of haterade. That shit does nothing to hydrate your palapable thirst. Cosenza's hour long set from the New Year's Eve Eve edition of Mad Decent Monday with Actual Records and Jump Up will provide the hydration you have been seeking. My insatiable thirst was quenched live this past Monday. I know you're skeptical, but just listen to it. You will be throwing elbows and bouncing your booty in no time. The track selection is just stupid, a collection of honestly THE BEST fucking tracks of 2013, mixed to perfection. Literally every beat, every track is like what the actual fucking fuck. They are timeless in message, and ever representative of Philly and dance music.

I am not even sorry that I'm not fucking sorry if you think I am blinded by some kind of love for my hometown. If you think that my taste or knowledge is somehow limited, IDGAFOS. Our dance music has an authenticity that is as rich as the history under the hooves of horses prancing down cobblestone streets.

They tap the beats of our stories into the uneven bricks and asphalt and concrete. Everything that has come before now, the struggle we all know so well. It is real as fuck in the slums of our streets, and it is what connects us now to the global electronic movement. The reason we are so hated has finally made us relevant. I am not going to stop writing about Philadelphia. I won't stop giving love to the place that raised me and instilled in me the heart that makes me the artist I am today. Most people don't have even a smidgen of that in what they do.

From White Tees, White Belts and Hollertronix to Mad Decent Monday and a yung homie who gets it, it's all brotherly love. Literally, that is the meaning of Philadelphia. Keep hating if you so desire. I'll be over here getting my serious swag on with baby boy until you're ready for this shit.


00:00 - Kanye West - Blood On The Leave (DJ Sliink Remix)
02:44 - Gent & Jawns - Turn Up
04:34 - Crizzly - Like Dat (Crizzly Retwerk)
06:10 - JWLS - Lagrimas (Cosenza Remix)
07:42 - Lambo - Ass Everywhere
08:41 - Symone ft. Juyen Sebulba - Buyakasha (Cosenza Bootleg)
10:03 - Migos - Hannah Montana
11:24 - A-Trak ft. GTA - Landline 2.0
12:20 - Rich Homie Quan - Type Of Way (Foxsky & Vass Bootleg)
13:52 - Rihanna - Pour It Up (RL Grime Remix)
14:51 - Ace Hood - Bugatti (Diamond Pistols Remix)
16:03 - Disclosure vs. Henry Fong - Latch Steppa (Henry Fong Bootleg)
18:55 - Jacob Plant vs. Tag Team - When I Say Whoomp (Henry Fong Bootleg)
20:25 - Walking The Pallaroid (Wahlstdet Bootleg)
21:55 - Deorro - Yee (Intro)
22:25 - Deorro - Booty In Your Face
22:55 - Deorro - Yee
24:24 - Chuckie vs. Deorro - Crank Some Noise (Wahlstdet Bootleg)
24:48 - GTA - Booty Bounce (Juyen Sebulba Bootleg)
26:18 - Henry Fong - Stand Up
27:18 - Firebeatz & Schella - Dear New York
29:05 - Zedd ft. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (MERCER Remix)
31:28 - Alvaro & Mercer ft. Lil Jon - Welcome To The Jungle
33:14 - GTA - Bola
34:16 - Diplo ft. GTA - Boy Oh Boy
36:58 - Diplo ft. GTA - Boy Oh Boy (eSenTRIK Edit)
38:09 - Drake vs. Baauer & RL Grime - Infinite Starts (Hood Internet Bootleg)
39:00 - Brillz ft. Mynxx - Fuzzy Peach (LOUDPVCK Remix)
40:02 - Milo & Otis - Pigeons
40:57 - Brillz & Teddy Tuxedo - Rvtchet Bitch (Milo & Otis Remix)
41:50 - Dan Farber - Fresh Off The Grill
43:19 - Victor Niglio - Jiggy
44:39 - Bro Safari & UFO! & Jesse Slayter - Beat It Up
45:29 - Gent & Jawns - Swizzy
47:19 - Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up
48:47 - Saint & G-Buck - Gijibae
50:00 - Major Lazer - Bubble Butt (DJ Snake Remix)
51:20 - Yellow Claw & DJ Snake - Slow Down
52:31 - Diplo ft. Gent & Jawns - Barely Standing
55:29 - Drake - Worst Behavior