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One unspoken rule about DJing is that if you play "Got Your Money" by ODB, the crowd will lose their shit. Problem is that because people always lose their shit to it, it's one of the most overplayed songs. As a DJ, I'm sick of playing it. If I have to do a set of hip-hop classics I have to almost force myself not to play it sometimes. Cobra Krames and TigerBeat are here to help. They just put out a "Got Your Money" remix pack on Gold Whistle, and it's free to download. Now you can play a recognizable classic that will appeal to the masses while adding a new twist that will appeal to more adventurous club goers. Personally, I like the vocal version best. The "Car Alarm" version is a bit too much of exactly that. Straight up DJ weapon. Go for it. Be somebody.