Album: N/A

After signing with Atlantic in 2000 and scoring a minor hit with "Cross The Border," Philly's Most Wanted had their Neptunes-produced debut album ready to go. For whatever reason, it got pushed back by a year and essentially rendered the project impotent, leaving Mr. Man and Boo-Bonic dead in the water by the time Get Down Or Lay Down dropped.

They proceeded to peter out and became more local figures, but at some point (perhaps in 1999, because Pusha says "22 but childish") they recorded the single "Cocoa Leaf (No Relief)," produced by The Neptunes and featuring Star Trak members Roscoe P. Coldchain, Fam-Lay and The Clipse.

Pusha once more displays a knack for sparking verses ("Pardon me, I flow too angry for some/Introduce myself by waving a gun") and humorous wordplay about white wives in court telling white lies and acting childish by copping toys. Malice concludes with 12 bars of slick gun talk, "Fill his Dolce with more holes than crochet." This is a diamond in the rough.