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The Chainsmokers caught my attention with their drippy, whomped out remix of Icona Pop's "Girlfriend." It became immediately clear that these two have a way with female vocals. Their most recent release, which samples the vocals of up and coming indie vixen Tove Lo, is being given away free via their SoundCloud site.

They aptly describe the original song as a unique blend of gangster, sexy, relatable, and fun. I would have to agree, at least from the perspective of young female. It channels the weakened state of a lover scorned, but is sung with a strength that allows me to channel my inner badass. The Chainsmokers change the whole tone of this track with their edit, using the power in the vocals to produce a track that pounds in your heart and also bangs in the club.

Oh, swoon. These guys seem to know what guys, and girls, want. At least what they want to hear. Interestingly enough, they're innovative sound comes from simply trying to make the music they envision. They strive to bridge the gap between big room house and more melodic, progressive tunes. Each experiment at this has turned into an indie-pop electro sensation that oozes from the speakers to your ears.

"Habits," is another step closer to their aim, filled with drips and drops that linger and lead into each other, guided by this amazing vocal track. Their dedication to the integrity of their music, their art, is most admirable to me, yet I can appreciate their dashing sense of humor as displayed on the description of this track. Download it for free, and check out these six fun facts from Drew and Alex aka the Chainsmokers:

1) USA is going to win the World Cup
2) The Copy and Paste function was invented by a guy named Larry in 1973... Thank you so fucking much Larry
3) Alex's homemade Chili won 1st place at a County Fair
4) Drew's Mom is a teacher, Go Drew's Mom
5) Alex was a Golden Retriever in his past life...
6) Girls in Turtle Necks are wack....