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I didn't realize last night would be followed by five consecutive nights of Candyland goodness. This is like spirit week in high school, if it happened to fall around the holiday season and you were Jewish. Minus two days. I was super stoked to see yesterday's VIP remix; Lil Jon gets me pretty hype, his voice just makes me wanna have fun. Just thinking about losing it in a club brings a bright smile to my serious face.

Candyland's music is severely fun, fluid and moving through you so that you feel each beat of every build and every drop. Their giveaway track today their take on Butch Clancy's "Russian Lullaby," a dark and dirty dubstep track with the eeriest vocals. Russian is a very guttural language of a very stoic people. The vocal track creepily echoes in my head as develop scenarios for her life story. She bottles the truth so tightly, releases it through song. Clancy mixes the raw emotion of those vocals so that it wubs and wobbles sounds harmonious as a sweet lullaby created from all the noise that never stops.

Dance music has helped to redefine everything we thought we knew about music. Artists like Candyland mostly like to have fun and show love to their fans. They make this all look simple and fun. I am wondering when they have even had time to make these tracks even if the live set recordings were helpful. The duo restructured the traditional framework of big room house, filling the air with sounds louder and larger than one big room. Candyland already murdering 2014, less than half a month init. 

WARNING: This track is dangerous like hot fire. And it is free. Don't miss the KillerFro tour if you can help it.