Since we posted about the very similar-sounding remixes of Mercer's "Breathe" edit by DJ Snake and Breaux, the EDM Internets has been in something of a tizzy. Our bad. Oddly enough, the one thing that people aren't questioning is exactly what we heard: both remixes sound the same. What's developed since, and what it all means, has us scratching our heads.

Over night, Snake removed his remix from SoundCloud (possibly around the same time he said "y'all crazy"). Now we're not going to say that 100% confirms that he undoubtedly jacked Breaux's remix (and based on Your EDM's post, they're saying this remix was not meant for public consumption), but if you're in a situation where you're being called into question for jacking a beat, and you remove the beat in question, it looks suspect. Whatever the case may be regarding that, Breaux posted the following tweet overnight:


At face value, one might say "OK, case closed." But realistically, we have more questions... namely, what the hell does that mean? We're assuming they had a conversation, but what was that conversation? Was anything settled? With Snake removing his remix from SoundCloud, does that mean he admits to jacking the beat? When asked by one person on Twitter if Breaux "sold" Snake the song, Snake says "hell no." Mercer even spoke up, saying that Snake had asked for the stems months ago:


Case closed? Huge misunderstanding? Hold the phone. Snake also sent this interesting tweet over night:


What's Snake insinuating here? The great "bootleg" debate, and the reason why we spoke up about proper file tagging? Is this Snake acknowledging that his remix was actually an edit of Breaux's remix? If so, why was no credit given to Breaux in either the ID3 tag of his MP3 or on the SoundCloud page (before the song was taken down)? Is being "on the same page" meaning that Snake is acknowledging the error and removing his remix to stop confusion? (Note: we've reached out to Mercer, Breaux, and DJ Snake for comment, and have not gotten any response.)

One side effect of this ordeal has been the question of ghost-producing. Ghost-producing lobs have been thrown at a number of dance music DJs and producers, and based on comments we've read on our site and via numerous social media platforms, rumors about DJ Snake do exist. One man has stood up to say that he has worked with Snake, and saw no ghosts, and that man is Dillon Francis:


Settled? Hardly. Given the dust-up that this remix/bootleg/edit/re-rub/flip of Mercer's "Breathe" bootleg, we have more questions than answers. And many of them lay square on what Breaux and DJ Snake "being on the same page" means. We're assuming they came to some type of understanding, which is great! But with Snake's version being removed from his SoundCloud, with no real explanation as to why he'd remove his remix/edit/bootleg/re-rub/flip if he'd gotten the stems from Mercer "months ago," we can't really say this case is closed.