There's just something about Atlanta's Debroka that keeps winning me over more and more.  As an electronic music fan that's generally bored with most trap these days, especially festival friendly feels, this kid does everything possible to not make me completely give up.  His musical prowess and sound design alone should make your jaw hit the floor.  And in my opinion, which you're allowed to take however you want, this young prospect is becoming more of a threat to pop with each release. Exclusive to DAD today is his flip of Blasterjaxx's "Mystica" that's all of these things mentioned above and more.  And word is he's got 10+ more in the can, too, just waiting to be unleashed.  If you're on the hunt for some extremely well done, skull-rattling, musically-interesting trap levels with two different drops that completely do it for me, you need this in your life.