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Beazy released this track just one day after we premiered his track "Overdose." We have been on this dude's music since day one. He is the truth, the future, and once again confirmed in this trippy trap that chatters as it counts beats and is topped with a simply placed vocal track. He fucks with sounds so much, so that they become unrecognizable and then familiar again.

At the end of it all you are still left going "WTF did I just listen to?," but knowing that you absolutely ate it up. I know this dude is in college and all, but we enjoy when he is on break. His semester is rarely filled with two days of two releases of banger trap tracks that test the boundaries of genre that would otherwise restrict his sound.

His sound is the furthest thing from restricted. It is more like anything goes, and you never know what to expect. That is why we fucks with Beazy since 101 and the XX remixes. We hope to see some more from him before college starts up again. Stay in school, kids.