There seems to be a growing craziness over at Plastician's Terrorhythm Recordings, one that we recently profiled. One of the young upstarts at the forefront of this momentum is the elusive AWE.  Based out of a studio in Los Angeles where he appears to eat, sleep and every other essential life function, AWE is crafting a sound that is quickly beginning to make a serious statement.  Out today is his second release for Terrorhythm ("Crystals"), and it's seriously pulling in all the best elements from artists like Rustie and Joker and creating something completely his own.  As we all get to take in this huge new tune from AWE, I got the opportunity to find out a few things about this immaculate young talent.  And as a huge bonus, DAD is also premiering the Djemba Djemba remix of "Crystals."  Get some.

Plastician mentioned in an interview recently that you came across his radar at 17.  How long have you been producing and how old are you now?
I’ve been making music since I was about 12, so maybe six or seven years now! I will turn 20 in June.

You've got such a crazy mesh of sounds and styles in your productions.  Who are some of your favorite producers that have influenced you?
Definitely a lot of drum and bass from early on - Pendulum, Sub Focus, Drumsound & Bassline Smith. After that wave I found my favorite sound with producers like Joker, Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Gemmy, Swindle, Krystal Klear, Flying Lotus… anything with that hard hitting but swagged out feel. Those guys really inspire me.

With your fabulous debut EP "Eagle Soul" and this new single 'Crystals' dropping on Terrorhythm... tell us a bit about what was so attractive and enticing to you about the possibility of working with Plastician and Terrorhythm.
To be straight, it’s a pretty simple answer. Plastician lets me do what I want, and he understands all of my work the way I do - he gets my music and doesn’t ask me to change anything. Terrorhythm is evolving to be the best place to find all of this “future beats” and “purple” stuff that is now just gaining attention, and I’m ecstatic about being on the front lines with him.

This new single features a crazy remix from Djemba Djemba.  Is he someone you personally sought out to get involved in the project?  Who are some other artists out there right now that you are into?
He and I met a while back when I was just getting familiar with the Team Supreme and M|O|D crews here in Los Angeles. His sound really clicked with me and he has also been very supportive of my music. When I asked him if he could do a remix for me, he said yes very quickly. We’ve also been playing with the idea of writing music together, but we’ve both been so busy! Hopefully we can pop in the studio soon.

I have a ton of interest in all of the artists currently picked up by Terrorhythm such as Skit, Curl Up, Varsity, Louis Futon, GANZ… I also like this dude Deon Custom from the Netherlands who makes killer music.

What else do you have lined up/forthcoming in 2014?  Any chance of some touring?
Got some great releases lined up for 2014! As for shows – there is a small chance. My manager and I have been talking, and this year has been really amazing for me, writing-wise. I think concentrating on writing as much music as possible and getting some remixes and collaborations under my belt will ultimately be much more rewarding than touring.  I’m not saying it won’t happen 100%, but right now I’m super happy to be in the studio every day!