Just in case you needed another beat-maker to love, Phra of Crookers' Lucky Beard Records has you covered. Enter Anubi, a curiously-named Italian trap and instrumental hip-hop producer who has been quietly on his grind for some time, operating under just about everyone’s radar. Luckily for us, Marvin Lopez at CUFF Records reached out and shared this stellar find.

Anubi’s Holy Dog EP has been out since November 2012 on Lucky Beard, but just found its way to Anubi’s SoundCloud only two days ago. The timing of the re-up is just too appropriate — not only coming after the massive (if slightly annoying) explosion of the doge meme, but also at a time when left-field trap sounds are taking the front and center attention, a la Mr. Carmack and Baauer.

"Very Dog Anthem" acts in equal parts as a piss-take and functional banger, as does "Enfant Terrible," as it turns a crying baby into the focal point of a straight-up B-More assault. The real value shines through with "Wierdrum," a broken-beat but wholly thugged-out tune that acts a genre-be-damned experiment with the result of some of the grooviest shit you can’t believe has been around for literal years.

Say Anubi’s name out loud and you might understand why he’s just now popping up on your radar, but don’t discount the moves this dude is making right now.