Why we underestimated him: We didn't think a guy who stole his rap moniker from drug kingpin "Freeway" Rick Ross and his rap style from Young Jeezy would survive being exposed as a former correctional officer. 

When he proved us wrong: When he followed up his first two albums, 2006's Port of Miami and 2008's Trilla, by demonstrating marked improvement on the mic on 2009's Deeper Than Rap.

To be honest, we're still a little bit surprised that Ross was able to overcome the C.O. scandal and continue his career, despite the major hit that his credibility took after the controversy. But he has consistently enjoyed success ever since 2009's Deeper Than Rap. He beat the once invincible 50 Cent in a battle, he dropped great albums (Teflon Don), great mixtapes that might as well be albums (Rich Forever), and he made game-changing songs ("B.M.F."). Not to mention he also found time to make MMG one of the hottest labels in the game. Who needs a solid back story when you make great music?

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