Everyone loves this original "Stay the Night." How could you not? EDM' pop music master Zedd seeks out the vocals of rock maven Hayley Williams of Paramore for a simply magnificent track. I mean, it is wondrous. I would suggest that you download this remix and see what happens when magnificence gets Caked Up. Distorted vocals, a bouncy beat, and bam: bounce then twerk, as the SoundCloud description instructs. The intro says everything. A whomped out, dubbed down reverb of the chorus that has been stuck in our heads for months. Not like this it hasn't. Take a minute to bask in the glory of electronic music, and the way a song that sits on the commercial side of our beloved EDM becomes brand new when a duo like Caked Up gets their hands on it. Twerked out and flipped upside down, this remix is fresh as fuck.