Strooly is one of those producers that I've been co-signing quietly, and an exclusive is long overdue. He handed me a record he was working on called "Hi Ho" before its' release on Sour Milk Gang Vol. 1, and I included it in my DAD mix back in July. For some reason, people continue to sleep on him. He's made a name for himself with this drippy trap vibe that most producers don't have a handle on, and is repping the south like a boss. Nashville should be proud to have him. He's flipped Def Jam artist YG's "My Nigga" into a turbo bounce anthem with Baltimore breaks. And while I'm smirking at the fact that this vibe points back to a show I saw with Philly's Ethan DuBB where every twerk record was played at 45 rpm, The original production and transitions set this apart. It's a Do Androids Dance exclusive, and free for download. Have at it.