Producer: Unknown
Album: N/A

Naya, you're gorgeous, you're successful, but this song is not the move. How pathetic is a song directed at Big Sean's exes? If you were a real boss chick you wouldn't feel the need to make a diss record. Big Sean confessed his love for his ex Ashley Marie in the song "So Much More" from his debut album Finally Famous, and then proceeded to release a song titled "Ashley" his most recent album, Hall of Fame, so I guess Naya felt the need to compete.

Maybe I would feel played too if my current fiancé' was still releasing songs dedicated to his ex. Whomp whomp! Big Sean musta had some ass-kissing to do, cause I am assuming that's the only reason he would hop on this track. Big Sean, I love your music, but please stop being sprung and delirious. Thanks. —Heather Haynes