It's the penultimate week of the year and 2013 is trying to do all it can to stay memorable. Jay Z and Rick Ross came together once again for "The Devil Is a Lie," a song with a great beat produced by... well, that's where things got interesting. Angel Haze expressed issues with her label and took the very bold step of leaking her own debut album—and got what she wantedGrimes signed to Roc Nation—hopefully that means she'll make some appearances on DJ Mustard beats.

Though it was Beyoncé's week last week, she went ahead and took this one too. (Very greedy, today's super-mega pop stars!) Everyone found out how many records she sold (an ungodly number), and she continued to drop videos from her visual album. Oh, and the remixes for Future's "Sh!t" finally came out, at which point the world immediately started deconstructing Drake's verse for subliminals.

What the hell happened in music this week?

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