What the hell happened in music this week? WE HAVE THE ANSWERS.

This one was relatively tame, actually. No new three-thousand-in-one-video videos. No new Justin Bieber acts of diplomacy. The only crazy new Kanye material this week was an interview. And even though he's done about a hundred in the last few weeks, his yelling at Sway about how Sway's clothing line was not on some Ralph Lauren shit still drowned out most of the new music we could have heard this week. The "Bound 2" video is still being discussed, partly due to "Bound 3," a reenactment from some white guys that make movies sometimes. But the parody will never compare to the time that another two white guys that make movies sometimes did a lip synched parody of a Kanye West video half a decade ago.

Perhaps most culturally significant this week was the fact that Lupe Fiasco was attacked ruthlessly by an audience member at one of his shows. Apparently, she threw a tomato at him. He shouted at her. What ensued was a Twitter, uh, explanation (that only his approved followers could see, of course) of his calling his assailant a "fat white bitch." His reasons for his word choice was that the words he used most accurately described the person. Perhaps we need another song from him explaining the complexity of using the dreaded word, because we're all confused again.

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