Though only 19 years old, Vic Mensa is a veteran of the Chicago hip-hop scene. But he made a name for himself nationally this year with his debut mixtape INNANETAPE, a full-length steeped in the sunny funk of Pharrell. Today brings a new track, "She Loves the Mirror," which comes from a mixtape called Love the Free (out December 11) by Kitty Cash, who is Kilo Kish's DJ.

"She Loves the Mirror" is more of a light-hearted throwback that has the feel of a fun studio experiment. Vic doesn't so much rap or sing as mutter over jazzy horn riffs, bringing to mind the quirky playfulness of someone like Cody Chestnutt.

Today also brought "Egyptian Cotton," a track with Clams Casino that was conceived and recorded live on YouTube for HP.

[via The FADER]

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