Leave it up to these two guys to drop one of the biggest and best moombahton tunes of 2013 on the very last day of the year.  UFO! and Hoodie both have been putting it down all year long in a number of different genres and have constantly been dropping excellence.  But even in this day and age where the Internets basically makes anything possible and every collaboration idea can easily become a reality, we didn't really see "Fissa" coming.  This tune punches you in the gut from the jump and you can easily hear both producers flexing their chops throughout.  UFO!'s frantic chops and crazy energy is oozing through the entire track.  Hoodie's skull pounding percussion along with sprinkles of Dutch and Latin elements are in your face in a number of different sections as it develops.  All in all, this is a ridiculous showcase of skills from two of the most talented producers in the game right now, regardless of genres or styles.  Saying this one GOES is a severe understatement.