The Prototypes have had an interesting time in the drum & bass scene. Their first single, "Cascade," dropped on Infrared in 2010, but was caned by any DJ worth their weight in acetate for almost a year before hand. Coming in during a time when dnb wasn't as highly publicized as it had been just a few years prior, The Prototypes stood out as a crew that had the potential to be one of those "next" groups. They signed with Friction's Shogun Audio imprint in 2011, and put out four solid singles, not to mention a plethora of remixes for everyone from AlunaGeorge to Avicii. Recently, word came down that Futurebound signed the duo to his Viper Recordings imprint, with an album set to be released in 2014; it feels like their time has truly come. In what can be interpreted as sort of a "cleansing," The Prototypes took it to the decks and crafted this special "Chronicles" mix to aid in the launching of, running through an hour's worth of their own material, as well as bootlegs and remixes of their tracks by The Others and Cutline. Proper Monday morning wake up call business right here.


The Prototypes - Breathless
The Prototypes - Outcast
The Prototypes - Work It
Don Diablo Feat Dragonette - Animale (The Prototypes Remix)
Avicii - My Feelings For You (The Prototypes Remix)
Modestep - Feels Good (The Prototypes Remix)
The Prototypes - Subterrestrial VIP -
The Prototypes - Cascade -
The Prototypes - Cascade (Cutline Remix)
Friction Feat McLean - Someone (The Prototypes Remix)
The Prototypes - Your Future
The Prototypes - Born To Rise
Ed Sheeran - Lego House (The Prototypes Remix)
The Prototypes Feat Laura Vane - Taking Me Over
The Prototypes Feat Laura Vane - Taking Me Over (The Others Remix)
Hadouken - Bad Signal (The Prototypes Remix)
The Prototypes - Pandora
Th Prototypes - Abyss
The Prototypes - Abyss VIP
AlunaGeorge - Your Drums' Your Love (The Protoypes Remix)
Bingo Players - Rattle (The Prototypes Remix)
Benga - Open Your Eyes (The Protoypes Remix)
The Protoypes - Habitation
The Prototypes - Insomniac
The Prototypes Feat MC I.D - BlackOut
The Prototypes Feat Takura - Rage Within
Shadow Child Feat Takura - Friday (The Prototypes Remix)
Knife Party - Lrad (The Prototypes Remix)
The Protoypes - Suffocate
The Prototypes - Just Bounce
Koven - Make It There (The Prototypes Remix)
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (The Prototypes Bootleg)