The Doppelgangaz are getting ready to release their fourth album, Peace Kehd. That may surprise folks who aren't familiar with the New York duo comprised of Matter Ov Fact and EP, but they have been paying dues in the underground scene since 2008, introducing fans to the "black cloak lifestyle" one song and one performance at a time.

The group has released "Holla x2," a song that epitomizes their zany narrative style that is still rooted in a traditional hip-hop. Only The Doppelgangaz could go from talking about robbing a Hess store to providing an in-depth profile of the young woman behind the counter: "Cashier looking like she got a desk job/Natural-looking like she got a breast job/Shorty had the shaved nape with the fresh bob."

Peace Kehd will likely be coming out early 2014.

[via Noisey]

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