The controversy surrounding the beat for Rick Ross' latest single, "The Devil Is a Lie," featuring Jay Z, continues. Yesterday, the alleged producer, K.E. On The Track, released an in-studio video of himself crafting the song. But then another producer, Major Seven, claimed on Twitter that K.E. in fact stole the beat from him. "Situation just got handled!" Major Seven said on Twitter, "u will see Rick Ross and Jayz - Devil Is A Lie was produced by Major Seven in the credits! Turn up!!!"


Now, it appears Ross and Jay Z were't even the first artists to rap over the production from Major Seven. On October 7, a Portland, Oregon rapper named Manny Monday, released a record called "OG Shit" (see above) which uses the same beat. The description for the video states that Lex Luger produced the song. Complex reached out to Manny, who says the beat in question has been in his possession since April 14 of this year.

"Long story short my homie from Atlanta was good friends with a[n] intern from Def Jam. I spit for the dude and the next day he sent me beats. He told me all the beats he sent me were free and I can use them all no problem. I recorded the song, it's hot and then I asked who produced the beat, and my homie told me it was Lex Lug[e]r. So I'm hype! I'm like damn, my first single was mad[e] by Lex! So this whole time I'm thinkin[g] Lex made it and then all of the sudden I wake up and Rozay x Jay is on the beat. I'm like wtf?? And it comes down to it that, he's not even the composer. KE on the Track is. Then it comes down to that being false!!"

Earlier today Manny and Major had a conversation on Twitter concerning the beat. The two apparently weren't even aware of each other prior to "The Devil Is a Lie" being released, which shows just how murky this situation has become.

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