Label: Carpark

Listening to Toro Y Moi music, you get a real sense for the joy of making music—the thrill of limitless creation. Chaz Bundick (the South Carolinian producer who records under the Toro Y Moi name) is clearly having fun. But that's not all you get a sense for. Under that tangible layer of exuberance, there are traces of something different, something closer to concern, a nervous tension. It's there at the start of every song, and as the music grows, as on Anything in Returns "So Many Details," you can feel caution graduating to confidence. 

It's this subtle friction that makes the music so alluring. He's not saying, "Hey, guys we shouldn't do this." It's more like he's the vigilant friend reminding you and your homies that a line exists right before you all cross it together. (Which often makes breaking the rules exponentially more fun.) 

Even with this calmly rebellious attitude, coyly pushing the envelope,the new album stays in the lane that Toro y Moi carved out with his first two albums, a super-contagious dance "bop" often called "chillwave." Applying the thematic beat-build of house to the entire album's framework, he makes a perfectly sequenced 52-minute soundscape with just the right peaks and valleys. And with slightly greater devotion to lyrics than he's displayed before, Anything in Return is a nice, confident steps towards pop. —Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins